Conflict: Denied Ops Review

I’ll just use the transcript for my review that I sent into The Tactical Gaming Podcast

Conflict: Denied Ops is a First person shooter developed by Pivotal Games and Published by Edios Interactive.  Its set to be released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.  The Game is rated “M.”  If you’ve played any of the four previous games in the conflict series, you will notice an immediate difference, namely the drop from four player co-op, down to two players.   While this makes it simpler for the person playing by themselves, it makes for a much less dynamic multi-player experience.  Now it’s less bothersome to work together, making it a much easier game.  And that isn’t necessarily a good thing.  The game, as far as the demo is concerned is that a dictator is opposed to the U.S. Troops occupying Venezuela and threatens to nuke his own people to rid them of the U.S. forces.  But first he sizes control of a petrol plant, where you and your partner have to get to . But to get there you must make your way through a monastery, steal some information, and then blow something up.  And that’s the demo mission.  And that mission is very linear.  You really only have one door to go in, and you follow hallways and make this big “u” shape to get to the end.

Graphically, the game is up to par, but its not all that good looking.  Also, some of the effects it uses get annoying.  Like when weapons are being switched or reloaded, everything that’s more than a foot away from the player become blurry and out of focus, but when the action is complete, everything instantaneously snaps back in focus.  There are also a few clipping and shadow issues that pop up, but those exist in most any game.

The controls on the other hand, feel very clunky.   In order to use cover you stand by the object and you can lean left and right with the d-pad or you can look over the object by pressing up on the d-pad.  If you press down, you stop, stand up, and take about a second to flip you night vision on or off, and that can lead to a very undesirable circumstance.  The bob in the camera is slightly annoying and the guns just plain don’t feel right.  The two that you get to use in the mission.

They call this game a tactical shooter, but as far as I can tell, for them it just means they hide the health bar.  The previous installments in the series were much more tactical and required more co-operation to be successful.

The game also has adversarial matches, but the demo won’t let you try.

I would have to say this game is worth a rent.  If you’re a fan of the conflict series (like I was somewhat) you’ll probably be disappointed.  The game is set to be shipped February 12th.


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